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Cute Dog Dumped Along With Her Teddy Bear Gets Her New Dream Home!

How can you just [th.r.ow] away a soul that loves you more than anything else???

So happy someone adopted her.
The way she leaned on the teddy bear as if it were her last hope that her family would return to pick her up, but they didn’t.

Being a.ban.doned by a parent is the most [] thing that no child ever wants to experience. Ellie’s human parents du.mped her with her teddy bear when she was one year old.

They were still getting her spayed, microchipped, and all of her necessary shots just a few months ago, but they were also quickly a.ban.doning her in the (no.isy and sc.ary) shelter where she could di.e at any time.

Ellie was taken to a boarding facility where she was granted adoption papers after Jennifer Jessup, an independent dog rescuer based in New York City, decided to adopt her. Ellie was fed, bathed, and taken to a foster home until she could be moved to Florida.

She is happier in her new home, but she still clings to her teddy bear. Ellie even cowered in when her adoptive family attempted to photograph her without her teddy bear. She grabbed the toy as if she’d never [] it again when it was returned.

Ellie used to have family in Dallas, but she has no idea what the future holds.
But then the day arrived for Ellie to meet her new father in Florida!

Ellie has calmed down and begun to relax as a result of her new owner’s love and care, and he will never consider a.ban.doning her as his ex did.

It will take some time for her to settle down. But this is a new beginning, and Ellie knows deep down that this is the perfect place for her and her teddy bear, and it truly is!

What an amazing dad to give her a home and love with her beloved teddy 🏡❤
All fur babies need love!!! Even babies without fur. ❤🤗❤

Glad that he has a loving and caring home. Thank you for rescuing the very sweet dog!
God Bless you…! ❤🙏🙏

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