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Cunning Badger’S Clever Strategy To Escape Death And Get A Meal

This is moment shows honey badger is rescued from the coils of a python by a couple of jackals, then teams up with its new friends to kill the snake… before fighting them off to feast on the reptile.

A honey badger was rescued from the coils of a python by two jackals and was then helped by them in killing the snake before he turned on his new friends to steal the reptile.

Roselyne Kerjosse captured the spectacular fight to the death while on safari in Chobe Park, Botswana last month.

When the 60-year-old began recording, the honey badger was in mortal danger, with the python wrapping its entire body around it.

Luckily for the badger, a pair of jackals got involved in the showdown and after attacking the snake, the desperate badger managed to escape the coils of death.

What once started off as an easy meal for the python turned into a three on one attack as the badger and jackals turned their attention to the python.

In a twist of fate, it was the badger who came out the victor after winning a tug of war for the serpent.

After the battle he took his meal to a nearby bush and when the jackals tried to take it away he scared them off.

Ms Kerjosse said: ‘I was very disappointed because the honey badger, often described as brave and tenacious, was one of the animals I wanted to see during my safari, but not in this situation.

‘I felt a big relief when the badger escaped.’

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