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Crocodile On Playing With Giant Python On The Riverbank.

This is the terrifying moment a king crocodile flips through the usual food chain and devours a giant python.
The photos show the alligator devouring a lifeless python in the Valley area.

The giant python made a delicious snack for the hungry baby crocodile. Pythons are considered an invasive creature in the Everglades, with large snakes believed to have caused havoc in the ecosystem. This usually doesn’t happen. For a python to eat prey this large, it has to tear it into bite-sized pieces – and a python can’t tear it apart easily.

Often the gator is hopelessly caught up in the python and in the process is swallowed whole before it even knows what happened. However, it is not clear whether only one crocodile ate the python or many gluttons took turns eating.

Burmese pythons are thought to have found their way into the swamps of South Florida through the exotic pet trade, either by escape or release into the wild. According to experts, the snake can grow up to 20 feet long and has been known to prey on native species, including baby crocodiles.

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