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Caring Mother Dog Tries To Console Her Crying Puppies By Bringing Them Toys

them. It’s no different for this wonderful new Golden Retriever mom, who only wants to aid her kids in every way she can.

Ms. Lu shared the video, and MailOnline picked up the story. Yami, a first-time mother, had recently given birth to three puppies and was dedicated to them. She, like all good mothers, wanted her puppies to be happy.

When her puppies began to cry, Yami began to pace and glance around the room. Yami appears nervous, as though she doesn’t know how to stop them from crying. Her darling puppies are safe and comfortable in their bed, but they clearly desired more.

Yami has an idea as she glances around the room. She’ll bring her puppies’ dog toys with her! Isn’t that supposed to make them happy? “Here’s a delightful toy, you may stop crying now,” Yami says, bringing a toy to the puppies and nudging it with her nose. When the toy didn’t work right away, Yami did what any nice mother would do: she went out and bought other toys for her puppies.

Their comfortable bedroom was soon filled with dog toys, but it took a few hours for the puppies to settle down, according to Ms. Lu. Yami snuggled with her puppies and rubbed them with her nose to reassure them, like the caring mother she is. Ms. Lu was moved by her dog’s compassionate response when she watched the footage later that day.

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