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Can’T Believe The 12 Lbs Eagle Is Gripping The 300 Lbs Deer And Soaring Into The Air

A powerful golden eagle swooped down on an unsuspecting Sika deer, hooked its talons and tried to drag its prey away.

Although golden eagles are notorious for their daring hunts, and have been caught attacking coyotes and even a young bear, this is probably the first recorded attack of deer. .

The bird can then be seen digging its hooves and starting to drag its prey.

The golden eagle is one of the most common birds of prey in the world, and lives in parts of Europe, Asia and North America.

They are famous hunters, capable of killing prey much larger than themselves with their deadly claws. These birds weigh 12 lbs, have a wingspan of 8ft and can fly at speeds over 100 mph.

Nai Sika can grow to weigh over 300 lbs, but the victim of the attack pictured is still not fully grown.

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