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Can You Answer The Question, Is The Tiger Afraid Of Pythons?

When it comes to snakes, everyone is afraid. Because it is a brocade python, there are rumors online that the 10m long python swallowed 300 kg of Siberian tigers and 700 kg of large brown bears. Are they really capable of doing this?

Someone found an adult male Siberian tiger in the north of my country. It chased a reticulated python from the ground to the water. This adult male Siberian tiger weighs 214 kg. Everyone waits for it to catch the python and measure its weight, put it on a radio signal around its neck, and then release it. People discovered a giant python had eaten near the carcass of a large python. It was discovered that the giant python had left the tiger’s carcass. He was badly injured and the tiger died.

There are two types of giant pythons that live in the Americas. These are the wild pythons and the Burmese pythons. Now, I want to talk about the jaguar’s record against them. Jaguars, forest anacondas, and Burmese pythons all colonize wetland parks in Florida. Their battle began to intensify.

From the hunting of giant pythons of lions, tigers and jaguars, we can see that, in fact, big cats are not afraid of big pythons, so the giant python case tens of meters long spreading online has swallowed pythons big.

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