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Bulldog Puppy Rebels Against His Mama And Throws Temper Tantrum

Just like humans, dogs tend to express their parental love as well. Patches, the mother bulldog, is very protective of her lovely child named Elvis. In fact, Patches always goes above and above to ensure Elvis’s well-being because he was born with a cleft lip, which caused him to scowl all the time.

Mommy Patches nudges Elvis to move forward in this sweet video. We’re not sure if this is a socialisation lesson or just another parenting drill. Elvis, on the other hand, appears to be annoyed by his mother’s overbearing attitude, and he chooses to have a comical temper tantrum!

The small puppy becomes angry toward mama and growls angrily. Patches, like any other mother, quietly tries to reason with her child. Elvis, on the other hand, continues to scream like a baby because he wants mother to quit breathing down his neck!

After Elvis has expressed his frustrations, he calms down and returns to his mother to make peace. Mommy starts playing with her rebellious little baby when he delightfully snuggles under her paws. Patches and Elvis are the prettiest mother-son duo we’ve ever seen! This video simply my day. It shows again how hilarious and lovely dogs can be.

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