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Brutal Moment Fed-Up Zebra Knocks Out Annoying Warthog With A Swift Hind Leg Kick To Its Face

This is the brutal moment a threatened zebra lashes out and kicks a warthog straight in the face – apparently knocking the pig unconscious.

The footage, which was captured by a tourist on safari at a game reserve in South Africa, showed a selection of animals grazing in the sunshine.

Normally, zebras are gentle animals, living in harmony with their fellow humans, rarely conflict. But once you touch it, it’s really dangerous.

They all appear to be getting along fine until two warthogs get a little too close to a zebra, causing it to panic.

The zebra was surprised by the appearance of the warthog but immediately rega ined his composure, it went mad to attack this uninvited third person.

It kicks out with its legs in defence and manages to separate the two animals, which run in two different directions.

The zebra then closes in on the pig furthest away from the rest of its group and continues to lash out.

Most of its kicks miss the target and the warthog appears to have gotten away.

But seconds later the zebra smashes the wild pig straight in the face.
The zebra’s high kick made the warthog seem unconscious, it wobbled and fell to the ground in pain.

Falling to the ground in a heap, the injured animal looks to be knocked out cold as the zebra continues to lash out at it.

After a short while the warthog slowly gets back to its feet as other wild pigs wander over to check on its progress.

The clip concludes with the dazed animal finally standing up and briefly charging at the zebras before running away.

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