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Brawling Zebras Earn Their Stripes As They Trade Blows In Marathon Four Hour Fight

This is the dramatic moment that shows the fierce male zebras making a trade-off in a fight that lasted more than four hours.

The zebra is a peaceful coexistence with many animals, but once it has entered its own territory, it will fight to the end to protect its habitat.

The strong animals confront each other as a young stallion stands nearby, with one of the males rushing towards the young.

Wildlife pho tographer Don Charles captured the violent altercation, but it’s unclear why the animals started fighting in the first place.

He said: “I think it’s just that time of year when testosterone is flowing.

It is clear that they are vying for dominance, but it is unclear whether the horse belongs to one of them.

Male zebras were once known to kill a foal to get close to a female.

Don captured images of plains zebras in the Mkhuze Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, in July.

He continued: “I was there for a long time, leaving and coming back, and they were just fighting the whole time around this watering hole.

Unbelievable level of aggression.

We just left them there after a while, so who knows how long they fought. Seeing things like this, makes you realize that nature can be extremely brutal and graphic sometimes. But, this is survival. This was probably the most exciting experience for me, as I had never before seen a live kill and to have this one happen right in front of me was amazing.

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