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Brave Dogs Try To Scare Away Giant Moose From Their Backyard

In a peculiar video, a fearless dog can be seen barking and staring down three wild moose who had found their way into a backyard to graze. A man named David Bybee, who was 66 years old at the time, was looking out the window of his home in Rogue River, Oregon, when he came upon a lovely scene: three wild Alaskan moose were contentedly grazing not too far from his patio.

The situation, however, would take a dramatic turn when two dogs from the neighborhood made the decision to defend their territory and began charging up to the frightened moose while barking at it. Fortunately for the guard dogs, the enormous moose, which weighed about 800 pounds, did not attack, but instead only sent off some warning signals to the eager duo, telling them to stay away.

David remarked, “The moose was happily browsing when all of a sudden, a couple of loose dogs charged at them.” “The cow was trying to defend her calf when she became aggressive toward them. “The owner of the dogs heard the noise, and she shouted for them. To her credit, she was able to get her dogs to come back to her once she used her voice to command them, and there were no additional complications.

The moose continued eating their breakfast as if nothing had happened. They were fortunate that their mother did not crush them to death with her foot. “It was also a very fortunate turn of events that the dog owner was able to retrieve her pets before the moose was hurt. “All things considered, there was a bit of excitement for a day that was only getting begun,” the narrator said.

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