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Blind rescue pittie forms an instant bond with cat grieving for his best friend

When you rescue a dog, they rescue you right back. Dogs can have an incredible impact on our lives, bringing some joy and light to us when we need it most.

That was the case for one woman, who was grieving for her deceased dog when a very special rescue made her family whole again.

Dexter was the runt of a litter born to a mother who had been sprayed with toxic spray paint during her pregnancy.

He had respiratory distress at birth, and was left almost completely blind and with mobility issues.

But Dexter had a loving home in the sanctuary, and despite everything he never let his disabilities get him down.

He loved to run and play with the other animals — and he had a special bond with a ginger cat named Oscar.

While Oscar gave the blind dog plenty of love and friendship, sadly their bond was cut short too soon.

Dexter struggled with toxins, and his health issues took a toll on his quality of life. “His body began to deteriorate and he was no longer our happy little boy,” Nicole wrote.

On July 31, 2019, the owners made the difficult decision to “set him free to run over the rainbow bridge.”

“He left a huge void in our hearts and lives,” Nicole wrote. “Forever remembered for his adorable butt wiggles.”

But no one was more heartbroken than Oscar, who lost his best friend: “He really missed Dex when Dex left.”

But when a beloved pet passes away, sometimes the best thing to do is to open your heart to a new friend in need of a home.

That’s just what Nicole did — and fate soon brought her a new rescue dog who helped fill the void Dexter left behind.