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Black Lab Gets Vitiligo And Becomes An Internet Sensation

The reality shows that different individuals are always aware of medical issues that alter their look. Vitiligo is a condition in which the skin’s pigments are lost. We’ve all met incredible people with vitiligo, but this dog serves as a role model for embracing faults and reminding us that we’re all gorgeous.

Blaze is a 10-year-old Labrador Retriever who lives with his father, Santeri Frilander, in Finland. The cute pup went popular online when his dad uploaded his image on Instagram.

Blaze was born with an all-black coat, but as he grew older, vitiligo patches began to appear. Frilander stated, “The white colour began expanding from a small place on his ear.” “It’s interesting to note that all of his brothers and sisters are still single-coloured.” Blaze is a perfectly healthy dog that enjoys being outside, despite his new appearance. Blaze is regarded as an important member of Santeri’s family.

“He’s always willing to accompany you wherever you go,” his father said. “He even enjoys travelling by automobile.” Blaze’s father built an Instagram page exclusively for him after his photo went popular.

Santeri continued, “He likes to make people happy and put a smile on their faces.” “He is now ten years old and has earned the titles ‘The Old Man’ and ‘The Funny Old Man’ as a result of his age.” Blaze may not look like his siblings, but he serves as a reminder that everyone, regardless of looks, is great. We’re even more enamoured with him!

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