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Beautiful photos of a Cheetah and its two cubs at Monarto Safari park

Monarto Safari Park is thrilled to announce the birth of two cute Cheetah cubs, Africa’s most endangered big cat.

Nine-year-old, Kesho, welcomed her fluffy bundles of joy last Thursday, 24 February.

The third-time mum has been very loving and attentive to the spotty pair, who have been seen rolling around and cuddling together via a den cam.

Keeper Michelle Lloyd said the team were overjoyed with the news.

“It is so special for us to welcome Cheetah cubs, particularly because they are so vulnerable to extinction,” said Michelle.

“Every birth is hugely significant and gives hope for the species and their conservation in the wild.

“Kesho has been doing an amazing job. She is such a great mum and we have seen her licking and grooming the cubs and they have been feeding really well.”

The duo will spend time bonding with Kesho before venturing out onto exhibit when they are around three months old.

While Kesho’s cubs will grow up to safely roam the plains of Monarto Safari Park, the outcome for many cubs in the wild isn’t as bright.

Veterinarians from the CCF are now nursing the cubs back to health at CCF Safe Houses in Hargeisa.

Zoos SA is proud to partner with the CCF to support this vital work and help them continue their projects on the ground in conservation research, habitat restoration and education.

These gorgeous big cats have been impacted by habitat loss human-wildlife conflict and the illegal wildlife trade.

Each adoption will ensure the survival of these amazing animals by funding vital conservation projects and contributing to ongoing research and breeding programs.

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