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Amazing Scene Of A Leopard Pounced On An Antelope In The Air.

This was the unexpected moment a jumping leopard caught an impala 6 feet above the ground, even though the deer was traveling at nearly 50 mph. A predator stalks a herd of antelope feeding in a nearby bush.

The ghostly deer began to run away in the opposite direction when a leopard emerged from the thick foliage. A rustle caused the leopards to panic and flee, but one unfortunate member was caught by the leopard.

The leopard dashed through the dense foliage and caught the fleeing Impala in mid-air, despite it traveling at nearly 50 mph. The big cat launched itself 6 feet off the ground and grabbed its prey in mid-air causing it to fall to the floor during the encounter.

Initially the leopard was walking on the game trail, after a while he was watching some Impala foraging in a nearby Mopane brush. He took aim at them and began to follow them with utmost precision and caution.

The leopard tried to position itself in a favorable position to launch an attack. Impala must have flown far at maybe 70 – 80km/h and he must have landed the impala about two meters from the air to the ground.

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