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Amazed At The Action Of The Tiger While Chasing The Red Wolf.

The Bengal tiger can be a very strong animal in close combat, but when it comes to speed, endurance, it still has to succumb to many other animals.

The Bengal tiger is a fearsome predator with many recorded feats when it can defeat large, fierce opponents such as Asian elephants, rhinos…

Thanks to its great size and unbeatable strength, the Bengal tiger has almost no enemies in the wild. It can be said that the Bengal tiger is the tycoon of the wild nature where it lives with the right to live and kill in his hands. Confident in their own strengths, Bengal tigers like to be active and hunt individually. The tiger’s hunting habit is usually stalking, waiting for the right opportunity and then quietly approaching and dealing a fatal blow to defeat the victim.

However, hunting trips don’t always end in such a perfect scenario. Right from the beginning, there was an extremely thrilling chase between a Bengal tiger and a red wolf. Despite great efforts, the tiger still could not catch the wolf. Not only that, when the tiger seemed exhausted and stopped, the wolf was so excited that it turned around, howling and barking loudly as if teasing the tiger.

The tiger now switches to using the tactic of lulling the opponent. It is very angry inside because of being teased by the prey, but on the outside, it still appears calm, pretending not to care and the detector keeps trying to approach. However, the wolf was so alert, it barely gave the tiger any chance to get close to him. Played around for a while, the Bengal tiger was probably too angry to run with limp steps to chase the wolf. But this is useless.

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