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A dramatic scenario with a brown bear and a massive battle

In Boreal, Taiga, Finland, wildlife photographer Craig Jones from Staffordshire captured these fantastic photographs of a brutal fight between a big brown bear and a pack of gray wolves.

Brown bears are predatory monsters that used to be at the top of the food chain; they have no natural enemies but have a lot of animosity towards other carnivores, particularly wolves. Brown bears can easily injure 3 to 4 wolves, thus they aren’t frightened of sly hunters. Things, however, are not always absolute. The brown bear anticipated the gray wolf’s ferocious resistance when deciding to enter wolf territory to compete for prey.

It was just that he couldn’t imagine the full strength of the wolves’ collective strength. This one was knocked down, the other one moved forward, not faltering, the whole pack of wolves joined forces to chase the brown bear, not letting the brown bear rest.

Gray wolves are professional hunters, they have no intention of killing brown bears because when the fighting breaks out, many members of the pack will be seriously injured, losing more than they gain.

However, the gray wolves did not let the brown bear dominate, time and time again suppressing and stealing prey. As long as the brown bear invades the territory, the whole pack of gray wolves will mercilessly rush forward, using recklessness and high fighting spirit to teach the brown bear a lesson.

Unlike brown bears, gray wolves are despised and hunted a lot here. It is thought that the gray wolf is a symbol of destruction and destruction. They hate wolves so much that the name wolf in Finnish means perishable and useless.

Through his photos, photographer Craig Jones wants people to have a different view of wolves, animals that have had a bad reputation since ancient times.

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