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A 44-year-old gorilla has adopted a kitten

For her 44th birthday, the gorilla, who is known for her ability to communicate in sign language, has been granted permission to adopt two kittens. Koko the gorilla was adopted by the Redwood staff of the Gorilla Fund on her 44th birthday. A shipment of kittens arrived from City, California, USA. Koko quickly recognized the kitten as her own, cuddled and rubbed it carefully, and communicated to the trainer, “baby.”

Koko had no children, according to BoredPanda, and the Gorilla Foundation in Redwood City, California, USA delivered her a gift box containing a litter of kittens for her 44th birthday on October 16. It was then allowed to raise two of them. Koko also teaches kittens to bite the cake. At the end of the video, Koko gestures to the trainer to put the cat on its head and patiently sit still for them to play.

Trainer, Francine Patterson, who has taken care of Koko for 30 years, said Koko loves children, she often cuddles with gorilla dolls. Before that, Koko had a small cat but died in an accident, so it was very sad. Koko has learned 1,000 signs and understands about 2,000 English words. Koko is famous for the clips on the Youtube channel kokofilx that attract more than 50,000 followers.

The Gorilla Foundation said the three animals quickly became a happy family. In the past, Koko has expressed her desire to have a cat and was given a cat named All Ball. After All, Ball died, he cried and said with the sign that “sleeping cat”.Koko currently resides at the Gorilla Foundation facility with her trainer Francine Patterson.According to Patterson, Koko can understand 2,000 words of English and can communicate with people through more than 1,000 words in sign language.

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