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4-Meter Long African Rock Python Swallows Nearly 70 KG Hyena

The rare prey-eating display between the 4-meter-long African rock python and the 68-kilogram hyena is a testament to the hunting ability of Africa’s largest snake.

Dutch citizen Jos Bakker recorded a rock python strangling and eating a large hyena on a road in the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, National Geographic reported on March 15.

Kay Holekamp, ​​a zoologist at the University of Michigan, USA, said this was a very remarkable sight, as pythons are rarely able to defeat and eat such large and intelligent predators as hyenas.

He believes that the 4-meter-long python ambushed, squeezing the hyena before the prey could resist. It is likely that the hyena, which weighs about 68 kg, was attacked while walking around shallow water looking for an afternoon resting place. According to the researchers, the giant python is also lucky because the victim could be a male hyena looking for a new herd.

“For prey like a hyena, the python has to act perfectly. If it doesn’t squeeze the hyena in time, the victim can easily tear off the python’s head with its claws,” Holekamp said. In fact, rock pythons are the only snakes capable of attacking and knocking down hyenas. This is the largest python species in Africa. They can be up to 8 m long, weigh nearly 100 kg, and are very aggressive.

According to Kenneth Krysko, senior expert at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, USA, in the natural environment, African rock pythons often hunt small mammals, antelope, wild boar, and some other animals. Pythons are considered voracious animals. The zebra pythons in Indonesia can knock down and slowly eat loris, sun bears, and even adult Sulawesi pigs weighing 40-70 kg.

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