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2 Otters Fight Fiercely For Territory And Food

This is a ruthless confrontation between two otters.

Otters do not take prisoners when fighting opponents in wars for food and territory.

The clash saw the ferocious mammal raise its arms and swing to its opponent, who fell back into the water after the force of the attack. This otter is pictured throwing a right hook at his opponent in a fight for territory.

Neither of the otters are prepared to give up their fishing spot without a fight . His piercing teeth can be seen as he prepares to take down his opponent.

At first you would think the wars were mainly about food, but after studying them for a while, we found out it was about who was the strongest in the territory.’

The two otters were unwilling to give up their fishing spot without a fight and spent nearly three minutes fighting it, diving in and out of the murky waters.

The winner of the battle continues to celebrate by eating some fish . Otters use their teeth to catch their celebratory fish

The otter appeared to attack her victory meal with the same eagerness as when fighting an opponent.

The otters fought well for two and a half minutes straight, bobbing around in the water before tossing themselves back up again. In the end, the winner ate and enjoyed the fish he won while the loser found a plastic sheet from somewhere to cover his face.

Many species of otters live in cold waters and have very high metabolic rates that help keep them warm. Otters must eat 15% of their body weight each day, with sea otters having to eat 20 to 25% to stay healthy. In waters as warm as 10 degrees, an otter needs to catch 100 grams of fish an hour to survive, with most species hunting three to five hours a day, every day.

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